Dear Members, Parents and Staff,
For our Asian Tour from June 30-July 11,  as of today,
we have 15 instrumentalists/members  and 11 parents and siblings, plus 6-8 staff who are certainly going on tour.
If you want to be on the maybe list, we can put you at the maybe list. If you give us a copy of  the passport, we will book you seat but, before issuing the airline ticket, we will ask you for your final decision. You can cancel it at no cost. Cause we need to have a seat for you, in case you decided to join the tour.
On June 30, the China Airlines flight to Osaka-Taipei, has limited seats. and NYC public school ends on June 28, therefore, many people would want to take this flight to Asia on that Saturday.. If you might be going, please let us put you on the maybe list, with a passport copy, even it is not valid, while you go to renew your passport, we  just need the actual name on the passport to book your seat.  
Though, we welcome and need all instrumentalists and family members to join us, we especially need more violins and cellos, if you have friends who play violin and cello, you can invite them to join us. If they come before mid-February, and be our members, they are in time for our June 16, 2012 Alice Tully Hall concert and the tour.
If for some reasons, they can not join us for each Saturday rehearsal, and they are advanced enough to join us for tour only, through audition by our staff, we can give them the music for practicing on their own, and join our rehearsals in June before the tour.
Dr. Jeff Liang will lead some of his orchestra members in Taipei to join us for the concerts in Japan and Taiwan. a combined youth orchestra from NYC and Taipei/ Taiwan.
Thank you very much for your supports always!!
Patsy Chen